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Kameo Recruitment & You

Kameo Recruitment is committed to offering a flexible recruitment model, which is tailored to suit your business needs. We understand the importance of finding the right candidate, who not only has the skills, but is also a great cultural fit within your business.

We do not believe in simply sending our clients’ dozens of CVs generated by the keyword match, which in the end creates even more work for hiring managers. We invest significant time and effort in understanding the client business – outlining the job specification, client objectives, long term plans and the end results associated with the position. Working in strong partnership, on a consultative basis helps us achieve the best result for each requirement.

Seasoned recruitment pros

With our experience we can help you attract, secure and retain the right talent for the future of your business. To ensure this is the case, we carry out the below:

  • Visit your office to gain a full understanding of your requirements and gain an insight into your working environment and company culture.
  • Assist you with writing your job description and offer current market salary advice, if you require.
  • Use reputable job boards, along with actively headhunting the best talent to suit your requirements.
  • Stay in contact with our candidate for the first three months to ensure that everything is going smoothly.
  • Take the time to get to know our candidates, therefore making sure we only send you quality candidates who are suitable and truly interested in working for you. Our motto is “Quality, not Quantity!”.
  • Offer advice on the interview process and help you to decide which will work best for the position you are recruiting for.
  • Manage the offer process, ensuring that both parties are 100% happy.

We fully understand that our clients need to have total confidence in our service. Therefore, we offer a very attractive rebate structure, which includes a free replacement within the first six weeks. It’s a guarantee of our belief in what we do and a demonstration of our commitment to our clients individual needs.

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